Winners Holiday Hookup giveaways

Hey everyone, let me start of by saying thanks again to everyone that signed up for the Holiday Hookup and wanting to take care of a close friend. It’s been rad to read all the entries from everyone. Almost 5,000 people signed up so it took me a little while to pick the winners. If it was up to me I would have picked all of them, but I had to narrow it down to 13 winners. On Wednesday I’ll pick and announce the grand prize winner, who gets a box of goods from all of my sponsors. You can still sign up for that on the giveaway page.

But enough typing for now, here are the winners of the 2015 Holiday Hookup. Hope everyone has a great 2016!

Grand Prize winner – Trent Gonzales & Tommy Galyon. You guys won a box of products from all my sponsors.
“Tommy Galyon is THE greatest guy I’ve ever known. He’s been through a lot. Tommy is the most kind hearted, loving, and deserving person I know. Since the very first day I met him he has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me, he would give you the shirt off his back if that’s all he had. Tommy is the reason I’m still alive, he’s the reason I’m even skateboarding right now. Tommy saved my life, the least I can do is sign his name to win some cool stuff. Friends like Tommy may only come once in a lifetime. He’s been there for me everyday, every minute, any situation. I really could go on for a few hours telling you all the reasons I would give the world to Tommy. He is the glue holding his own family together. He deserves this. I’m gonna stop here cuz this could go on forever.”

1. DC Shoes – Kaleb Abebe & Kenny Nicholas
“Kenny has been a bit down on his luck, before he was to go to training (Air Force Guard) he found out a member of his family was terminally ill, I can’t be with him to help him out but maybe this would bring a smile to his face.”

2. Monster Energy – Andres Plascencia & Kimberly Briones**
“My friend Kimberly is the rarest person I know. She digs everything an ideal bro would. She stays up wicked hours studying and for college stuff. She would love a few trays of Monster!”

3. GoPro – Manuel Rodriguez & Shayne Carlson
“I want to hook my friend Shayne because he works hard to teach outdoor education to 6th graders and this summer he will be doing a 2nd skate trip, raising money for veterans. He’s planning to do San Diego up north to Washington. I believe he deserves it. “

4. Plan B skateboards – Nolan Villemaire & Bruno
“I want to hook up my friend Bruno because me and him used to skate every day and motivate each other, until he broke his legs in a bad car accident. He is on the road to recovery and I want to give him something to bring that spark back, and motivate him to get out skating again.”

5. Thunder trucks – Omar Aburto & Gavin
“I want to help my friend Gavin cause his mom recently passes away and he’s living with his grandparents. He has a messed up board and trucks and I want to at least give him some brand new trucks because his bushing keeps falling off. I don’t have any money to get him trucks and I’m hoping you can help. Gavin has been through a lot and I’m pretty sure this will make him happy!!  ”

6. Spitfire wheels – Kevin Maier & Juneau
“My friend is actually my 8 year old son, who just started skating this fall.  He’s progressing fast, and was really inspired by the scene from The Motivation where Chris describes the curb where it all began. He’s got a set-up we scored at a garage sale this summer, but he’d love a new one. New wheels will be a great start.”

7. Bones bearings – Joshua Rainbolt & Ryan Moran
“Ryan is a really good person. We skate together and our kids skate together. Lots of fun. He also donates his time to local skatepark project that are not well funded but trying to get off the ground.”

8. Grizzly griptape – Bob Greene & Cole Thomas
“My good friend Cole is a good dude that I go to church with. He has been teaching my 7 year old son how to skate.”

9. Diamond Supply Co. – Erin Podpeskar & Zachery
“I want to hook Zach up as a thank you for helping my dad around the house and with yard work while I was away at college. He lives and breathes skateboarding and loves Diamond Supply Co. It’s his favorite brand for sure and he loves to watch all the guys who skate for Diamond.”

10. Stance socks – Bailey Sutton & Joey Schultz
“I want to hook my friend Joey up because my mom recently passed away and he’s been there for me with everything and I want to bless him and hopefully surprise him with winning this giveaway.”

11. Electric – Joshua Holmes & Justin
“He just got diagnosed with MS and has been pretty down about it.”

12. Kershaw – Seth Cheatham & Joe Eddings
“Joe is going to the military soon and I want to send him off with a goodbye give. He is going to be a Marine. He will be a combat electrician and after boot camp he goes straight off to Afghanistan.”

13. Cult – Matthew Leach & Jeremy Bethel
“Jeremy moved to North Carolina from Florida a few years back. He used to ride all the time but not so much anymore. He was hyped from the get go on Cult and still is. He doesn’t have too much time because he works a lot and I don’t think he has too many people to ride with. He’s been a bit bummed since he moved and I feel like this would bring back the hype!”

14. Reign Skate Shop – Ryan Kirkwood & Jake Kirkwood
“We love Reign Skate Shop and skateboarding. Both of us are just getting started and want to get better and get stuff to help us. The guys at Reign are awesome and helped me pick out my first real board. I’m getting better at skating went to my first skate park not ready for that yet but I will be back when it reopens in the spring.”

If you are one of the winners check your email and reply to the one we just sent out.
**Will have to confirm that you are 16 years or older.