The Zumiez 100K

The Zumiez 100K trip was awesome! Flew to Colorado a day early so we could go snowboarding before the event the next day. Now I haven’t snowboarded in 10 years roughly, so it took a little to figure it all out. At the end of the day I had regained whatever skill I had (which isn’t a lot) and had seriously sore legs.

Dinner that night got cut short as we had to make sure we were at the 100K party early enough to present awards. It was a good dinner though…what I ate of it. Zumiez 100K is a annual event to award the Zumiez employees who have sold over 100K. And employees from everywhere (100K sold or not) come out to hang and get away for a few days. Someone asked me “You probably go to things like this all the time huh?” to which I replied “Oh! There isn’t anything like this! THIS is the only thing like this”.

Kicking it with other pros and company owners is always a great time and privilege, but the real reason is to see the employees. These individuals are at the shops selling our stuff day in and day out. They are so appreciative of the pros coming to hang with them when in reality the pleasure is all ours! I have an blast hanging and talking to them. It means the world to me that people like what I do, and this group always has a ton of great things to say, talk about, and insight into skating. I really do 100% love going there and kicking it with everyone.

I wanna say thanks to everyone that came, put the party on, and had time to speak with me cause it is always a time to remember. Thank you!

Here are some pics from the day:

Thinking about hitting the mountain

Blurry me

Ready to roll (or shred)

Chillin’ with Zumiez employees

Backside Slasher, Bro

100K with Josh Kalis