Visit and read up on the 2013 season! Cole is on a plane to Brazil right now for the first international SLS event ever! Here is what SLS has to say about Cole this coming season:

Chris Cole wins his first ever. It’s offensive to some that league’s most decorated skater has yet to get a Street League win. While it may be a head-scratcher, fans also have to understand just how close he’s been. Chris Cole has finished in second place four times, and he’s come in third place twice. Bad luck, or a little trouble finishing? Perhaps it’s a bit of both, but understand that Cole’s career is actually on the upswing as it pertains to winning at Street League. “The best to never win one” had three top five finishes in 2012 and with a little fine-tuning in the Impact Section he should be the last man standing once or twice in 2013.”

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