Thanks everyone to hung out with me on Twitter and Facebook on Friday night for my ‘tweet fest’ during the Hall of Game show! Sorry to anyone who was bummed on my many updates, if I do it again I promise to scale it back a bit haha. Anyways, the show was awesome and I was so stoked that I was asked to be a part of it! Here are some photos!

So long time trying to meet Andrew WK finally came to fruition at the H.O.G Awards. He is awesome!! Such a cool dude, so relieving when someone you are psyched on comes through in the cool human being department. I’m psyched and ready to party party party, hard, and till I puke. That guy “Never let’s down”!

Met Chewie, which only makes me a god in my son’s eyes. We love Star Wars in our house. Especially 4, 5 and 6… and Lego Star Wars!