Camp Woodward: Chris Cole’s Excellent Adventure!


Chris Cole is donating his time and money to personally help inner city youth learn to skate. Cole, DC, and Camp Woodward, along with other sponsors, are sending 30 girls and boys currently enrolled in Philadelphia’s Police Athletic League to a week-long skate camp at Woodward in Pennsylvania.

While Cole and the camp are covering tuition (more than $1,000 per camper), DC will supply each kid with a pair of Chris Cole S shoes, Chris will also provide each camper with spending money to take advantage of the camp’s many attractions and hotspots.

“We are excited to support Chris in his effort to help these kids,” said DC’s VP of Marketing, Jeff Taylor. “It is a huge initiative for DC to give back to the community and we feel that skating can have a great impact on these children’s lives.”

While at camp, the kids will work with 30 pro skaters, trained instructors and hundreds of other young skaters learning to dominate the varied terrain at Woodward. They will be exposed to both outdoor and indoor features and a variety of skating activities. The kids, aged 8 to 17, represent eight PAL centers throughout Philadelphia; Cozen, Gibbons, Harrowgate, Hartranft, Nicetown, North Penn, Tacony and Wissinoming.

Cole, who grew up in Levittown, PA, has been skating since 1990. Growing up in a single-parent household, Cole said that he always had wanted to attend Woodward, but was never able to go due to financial limitations. Now one of the world’s most successful skaters and an entrepreneur, Cole has decided to make that dream come true for other children in similar circumstances.

“I believe that skateboarders and the community that we’ve created have the ability to do great things. This is one of them. Growing up skating in Philadelphia, having that be my home base, makes me want give back. I used to dream about going to Woodward Skate Camp, but I was unable to afford it. It wasn’t until I was a pro that I finally went. Giving kids with a similar situation the chance to go to my favorite skate spot in the world is just plain incredible. I am proud to be involved with this.”

The kids begin their skating adventure this Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chris Cole's Excellent Adventure