Winners Holiday Hookup 2017

For the past few years I’ve been giving away a bunch of stuff from all my sponsors during the holidays.
A few weeks ago I did another Holiday Hookup.

Here are the winners:

Thunder Trucks box: Paul Saiki and James Mastalerz.
“James just got back on the board after a torn meniscus.”

Bones Bearings box: Jose Chong and Tiffany.
“She is going through a tough transition right now trying to find a home and we shred to help her anxiety and not have to turn to other stuff. I think this would be mad motivational for her if we win.”

Plan B box: Anthony Schmarge and Sofia.
“She’s my little sister and my best friend, and I want her to start skateboarding just like me. She loves watching me skate, plying skateboarding video games and watching a bunch of skate clips. So what better way to start her off by getting her hooked up with a Plan B deck?!”

Spitfire wheels box: Brandon Le and Brad.
“This is actually my brother. I started skateboarding with him 8-9 years ago and he is my favorite person to skate with.”

Stance socks box: Kenneth Schmidgall and David.
““He works hard to get by and I’m a full-time student at 31 and can’t really afford gifts for him like I used to and I’d love for him to get something rad to show him I still love my little bro and Im always thinking about him even though I live 2000 miles away.”

Kershaw knives box: Tim Shepard and Jeff.
“Because I was disabled in a motorcycle wreck 30 years ago and he has been there for me through the good as well as the bad times.”

GoPro box: Amy Hellman and Chris.
“Chris is not only my best friend but my fiance. Chris loves skating even though he isn’t the best he still enjoys it so he has something fun to do with his friends. He also loves cars and dreams of filming his passion and making memories. He’s never had a GoPro but has always talked about how much he would enjoy having one to be able to film the things he loves to do like skating and working on his car. He wants a way to capture the activities and moments that he really enjoys.  This way he can share it with our friends and loved ones . He works so hard between going to school, working, and being in the Army reserves. He deserves something he’d really be surprised to get. This past year has really been hard on us. Lot’s of changes good and bad going on and keeping ourselves positive through it all. He deserves something nice to keep his spirits up. End this year off with a nice surprise and start the new year feeling good. I want him to see that good things come no matter how hard life gets.”

Grizzly Griptape box: Ceasar Torres and Jeremy.
“Jeremy is more than a friend he is my son. I would like to hook him up because it’s been a rough year for the both of us and I feel he deserves to start 2018 on a positive note.”

Cult crew BMX bike: Rob Darden and Jeremiah Shinn
“He is going under the knife Jan 3rd to have his ACL repaired. I would love to hook him up with some new bike and get him stoked to ride again. Cheers!”

Thanks to everyone that has signed up!
Hope you all have an amazing 2018.

Live rad, don’t be lame.
-Chris Cole.