Winners Holiday Hookup 2016

Just like last year I am blown away by the number of entries, and by a lot of the stories from everyone. Stoked to read people are down to hook up a friend that could use something nice, but mostly just a positive “I got your back” message from a close friend. Almost 5,000 people signed up for the Holiday Hookup, and picking winners was not an easy task. Thank you to everyone that signed up!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Joe Lamar and Tyler Keyton from Baltimore, MA.
You’ll both get 6 pairs of socks.

Bones Bearings:
Kevin Magee and Mikale Erhart from Belgrade, MT.
You’ll both get 2 sets of Bones Swiss bearings.

Grizzly Griptape:
Josh Chivers and Ellie Ford from Southampton, England.
You both get 5 sheets of my signature griptape.

Thunder Trucks:
Jon Henkel and Steven Maune from Saint Clair, MI.
You’ll both get a set of the  Team Hollows trucks.

DC Shoes:
Josh Robinson and Ross Haynes from Lehi, UT.
You both will get two pairs of shoes, a sweatshirt, and 3 shirts.

Plan B:
Michael Esqueda and Christopher Rodriguez from South Gate, CA.
You’ll both get one of my pro boards.

Kershaw Knives:
Angel Matta and Jenifer Matta from Downey, CA.
You’ll both get the 1776 link utility knife.

Reign skateshop:
Kurtis Bray and James Dexter from Carmarthenshire, Wales.
You’ll both get some nice Reign items, including the limited DC X Reign t-shirt.

Spitfire wheels:
Alexander Thomas and Curtis Henry from Shady Spring, WV.
You’ll both get a set of the new Formula Four Radial Slims.

Cult crew:
Announced soon who will get a brand new complete BMX bike.

Kory Hogan and Jason Stripling from Summerville, SC.
You guys get a HERO 5 camera and a 3-way handle.

Please check your email if your name is on the list.
You have until Friday January 13th to claim your prizes.

Special thanks to all my sponsors for hooking up all the prizes.
Live rad, don’t be lame. -Chris Cole.