Six new Street League pros to be selected from U.S. and European video qualifier series

Los Angeles, CA (March 27, 2012) – As excitement continues to build for the 2012 season, Street League announced today that the final six spots of the 24-skater roster will be selected via an all-new qualifier series: The Selection. The Selection will consist of two separate qualifiers during the month of April, one domestic and one European.  Five of the six Street League openings will be awarded through the U.S. qualifier through a video contest featuring brand new footage from 10 of the most respected American pros released on The Berrics during the first week of April. These short edits will go through a three-pronged voting process with equal weight given to the fans, Street League judges, and the current Street League pros.  The contenders in The Selection represent some of the most respected names in skateboarding:

  • Ishod Wair
  • Austyn Gillette
  • Ryan Decenzo
  • Tom Asta
  • Matt Miller
  • Jack Curtin
  • Vincent Alvarez
  • Chima Ferguson
  • Jordan Hoffart
  • Jimmy Carlin

The never before seen footage of the ten pros will debut the first week of April on The Berrics website ( with additional coverage at Shortly after the domestic contest wraps up, the European qualifier will commence. This contest will produce the final roster spot for the 2012 season. Like its American counterpart – the fans, Street League judges, and the Street League pros will each make up a third of the total votes. Each invited European skater will be given one day at the DC Embassy skate park in Barcelona, Spain to film a part that will be released on the DC Embassy website ( The contenders for the DC Embassy contest include some of the top pros from around the world:

  • Chris Pfanner
  • Albert Nyberg
  • Jani Laitala
  • Javier Sarmiento
  • Josef Scott
  • Michael Mackrodt
  • Manuel Margreitter
  • Wieger Van Wageningen
  • Roberto Aleman
  • Max Genin
  • Chris Oliver
  • Neil Smith
  • Bastien Salabanzi
  • Thomas Skejkal

“We’ve created The Selection to ensure that up-and-coming pros have an opportunity to win their way into Street League and compete with the World’s best, and that fans’ voices are heard,” says founder Rob Dyrdek.  “The six new rookie pros in the league will make for an even more exciting 2012 tour.” This is the first time in Street League history that new skaters have been invited to join the most elite roster in professional skateboarding. Once selected, the six skaters will join the top 18 returning Street League pros for the 2012 season, a list that includes stars like Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez and last year’s Street League Champion, Sean Malto.   Tickets for the Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy will go on sale April 2nd at The series will be available live on ESPN2, ESPN3, Street League’s official Facebook Page, and distributed to over 198 countries via the ESPN family of channels.