Zero or Die

Long time team rider and skateboarding icon, Chris Cole, has been brought in as a shareholder of Zero Skateboards. As a partner, Cole will continue his contributions to the brand as a professional skateboarder, but will also have an active role in the future direction of the brand.

“I’ve always loved being a part of Zero, so it’s an honor to be involved with the brand on all levels. This is exactly where I wanna be. Zero or Die,” says Chris Cole.

This partnership further solidifies Zero’s long term commitment to Cole while continuing to expose Zero to skateboarders around the globe.

“Cole’s loyalty and support have been an integral part of Zero’s success for the past decade. I’ve always included him in important decisions and brand direction, so it’s exciting to know that we’ll get to work together for the life of the brand. I couldn’t imagine a better partner,” says Jamie Thomas, Founder and President of Zero Skateboards and Black Box Distribution.

See Cole, Thomas and the rest of the Zero team in Zero’s new video ‘Cold War’ scheduled to be released later this year.

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Cold War