Holiday Hookup Day 9 with Grizzly Griptape

Day 9 of my Holiday Hookup is with Grizzly Griptape. Which one of your close friends should be a part of the Grizzly Gang? My signature griptape sold out a while back, but I’ll hook up some other grip and a shirt with my signature grizzly bear.
Just go to the giveaway page and let me know what friend you want to hook up and let me know why. If you get picked you get some Grizzly griptape too.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Hookup Day 8 with Monster Energy

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day last Friday and enjoyed the time with friends and family over the weekend. We are keeping the Holiday Hookup going with Monster Energy. Go to the giveaway page and let me know which one of your friends could use a couple cases. I might sent you some too. (*You are only eligible to win the Monster cases if you are 16 years or older)

Enjoy the last week of the holiday vacation!


Holiday Hookup Day 5 with GoPro

Who doesn’t like the GoPro camera? The new Hero 4 Session is smaller than any of their previous cameras, making it even easier to take it with you and get photos and videos. On day 5 of my Holiday Hookup I’m giving away a Hero 4 Session for your best friend, and a 3-way handle for you, so you can film each other and get those lines.
Just go to the giveaway page and tell me why your friend deserves a new GoPro. Looking forward to hearing you stories.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Hookup Day 3 with Bones Bearings

Day 3 of my Holiday Hookup giveaway is with Bones Bearings. Simply the best bearings for skateboarding, and that is backed by a lot of skateboarders, sponsored or not. So which one of your friends would need a set? Go to the giveaway page and sign up. If you get picked I’ll sent you a set as well. So you can haul ass with your friend.
Thanks again to everyone signing up, it’s awesome to read all the entries. Nice to know so many of you are backing their friends. That’s the true holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Hookup Day 2 with DC Shoes

Day 2 of the Holiday Hookup is with DC Shoes. This is your chance to hook up one of your close friends with a pair of my pro shoe (The Cole Lite 3) and some of my signature DC apparel. Just go to the giveaway page on the site and let me know why one of your close friends needs it more than you do. If I pick your entry I will hook both of you up with a pair of shoes and some apparel.

Thanks for the support and happy holidays!

Chris Cole Holiday Hookup DC Shoes

Holiday Hookup Day 1 with Plan B

In the spirit of the holidays I will be giving away some products from each of my sponsors for the next 2 weeks. But it’s not just a random winner this time. While it’s nice to win something it’s even better to give it to someone who needs it more than you do.
So go to the giveaway page to sign up and let me know which one of your friends will be stoked to get hooked up. Each day the person that is picked will get something for their friend, and themselves as well. Plan B is kicking it off!

Thanks for the support everyone and happy holidays.

Plan B Chris Cole

Grizzly team signing in Los Angeles

This coming Saturday, December 5th, I will be at the Grizzly Griptape signing at the Grizzly Griptape Flagship store. Hope to see you there!

Grizzly Griptape Flagship Store
142 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

December 5th, 2015