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Winners Holiday Hookup 2017

For the past few years I’ve been giving away a bunch of stuff from all my sponsors during the holidays. A few weeks ago I did another Holiday Hookup. Here are the winners: Thunder Trucks box: Paul Saiki and James Mastalerz. “James just got back on the board after a torn meniscus.” Bones Bearings box: […]

Podcast interview with Aubdrey Marcus of Onnit

A few weeks ago I went to Austin, TX and visited the Onnit headquarters. I had a great day checking out the facility, training with Erik Melland, and doing an interview with Aubrey Marcus for his podcast.     I also did a Q&A for the Onnit website. Read the 20 or so questions and […]

Winners Holiday Hookup 2016

Just like last year I am blown away by the number of entries, and by a lot of the stories from everyone. Stoked to read people are down to hook up a friend that could use something nice, but mostly just a positive “I got your back” message from a close friend. Almost 5,000 people […]

Holiday Hookup 2016 in full effect!

In case you don’t follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I’m running another Holiday Hookup this year. My sponsors are helping me give out some rad products to someone who deserve it. All you have to do is tell me who you think should get a nice (extra) gift this holiday season. Just go […]

Street League Munich this weekend

I’m flying to Munich, Germany today to skate the Street League contest on Saturday, July 2nd. If you can’t attend the contest you can watch it live on streetleague.com. It starts at 1.30pm ET. If you live in the United States you can watch the finals on Fox Sports 1. If you’re in Germany this […]

Winners Holiday Hookup giveaways

Hey everyone, let me start of by saying thanks again to everyone that signed up for the Holiday Hookup and wanting to take care of a close friend. It’s been rad to read all the entries from everyone. Almost 5,000 people signed up so it took me a little while to pick the winners. If […]

Holiday Hookup Day 13 with Kershaw

We are ending the Holiday Hookup with Kershaw Knives. No knives this time, but they put together a nice little package so let me know which of your friends would be hyped to get some stuff. Go to the giveaway page to sign up. If you get picked you’ll get some stuff too. Winners are […]

Holiday Hookup Day 12 with Diamond Supply Co

Only a few days left of the Holiday Hookup, but we have a few good things to give to some of your friends. Today Diamond Supply Co is in the mix. Diamond has been making the best bolts in the biz for a long time, and these they make a lot of other rad stuff. […]

Holiday Hookup Day 11 with Cult

Most of you probably know that I like to ride on a BMX bike if I’m not skating. It’s fun to ride around. Today Cult is giving away some stuff, and you can hook up your best friend and yourself with some goods. Go to the giveaway page and sign up for your friend. If […]